eyebrows & hair removal

brow art:

bad brows? prepare to be amazed! our starlets consult with you every time before your appointment to guarantee you will leave 100% satisfied. after every waxing session, you'll be dusted with an anti-inflammatory powder designed to reduce redness, and have your brows highlighted with the BoomBoom push up brow wand to accentuate your new look.

if you've over-waxed or over-tweezed, don't worry - sparse brows are no match for starlet! we'll consult with you and show you how to expertly fill in your brows, and even offer Amplifeye, a fabulous product that fortifies the lashes and brows. we swear by it!

hair removal:

the vast majority of women love being hair-free but simply dread the maintenance. that's why starlet strives to make your waxing experience as comfortable and painless as possible. we offer two different types of wax that are designed specifically for sensitive skin: an italian lavender strip wax, and a hard calendula wax. lavender's cool, tranquil properties are ideal for calming, while calendula has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritated skin! make sure you let us know if you typically react to waxing or hair removal, and we'll take the necessary extra steps to treat the area properly.

pre-waxing etiquette:
medicine man: taking ibuprofen before your waxing treatment will minimize your sensitivity.
ease up: at least one week prior to your waxing appointment, discontinue any usage of retinol or any other skin-sensitizing products. please inform us if you are taking any medication that may cause the skin to be more sensitive. if you are unsure if the products you use at home contain retinols, call our hosts, and one of our skin technicians will be able to help you.
the ugly truth: during certain times of the month, you are more prone to high levels of sensitivity than others!